Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The One With The Shortage Of Shorts

For once, my post has something to do with my title. I don't remember ever feeling this low before, it's like when you're short on money and you're really really really hungry and you wanna buy something to gobble down but - you can't. I've three favourite shorts down on my base (wardrobe) thanks to

a) trying to be 'macho' (they were white and i accidentally surfed the crimson wave in 'em).
b) Mom chucking in her red pants with the rest of the laundry.


Okay moving on. So it's been 4 days of hols so far and i've been watching alot of movies and tv shows while i draw or do add math. And i thought maybe i'd be nice and share a li'l insight on where i stream all these videos. It's not that hard to search for 'em it's just when you get hooked onto something, it's not so easy to finish a whole season without connection problems.

So here's the motherload of all TV/movie streaming websites : OVGuide. Here you can basically pick a website from their huge list but 5/10 times you'd end up at a website not much different from the last.

Then here's the one that i've made my homepage : SurfTheChannel. There maybe be a whole page of TV shows and movies to choose from but if you tend to watch alot of shows that are hosted on Tudou or 56 they tend to be faulty during the day. Or it might just be my connection. I watch usually late at night or early in the morning (thus the daily episode of Simpsons/Friends/etc before school).

56 has all the Friends episodes (huhu fret no more Jitty Boo) and alot of Simpsons episodes. They've alot to choose from (can try searching for movies) and for those who've a thing for chinese dramas it's worth a shot since it's a Chinese site.

Now then there's Megavideo which is a US site and naturally i'd prefer this one plus the videos are usually of really good quality but it doesn't have much to choose from. There's 8 Simple Rules, Spongebob, a little bit of Simpsons, SATC and a handful of good movies but it requires quite a while of searching. It's best to search the more recent videos cos they delete alot of videos due to infringement so they might not be there for long.

And because of this, alot of the videos are not labelled according to their titles like 'Love Guru' could be just 'lg' so go to 66stage for the list of Megavideo movies and TV shows if you don't feel like scavenger hunting for what you wanna watch.

Then there're a few other sites like 66stage and SurfTheChannel - TVDuck, TVShack and TVLinks.

Soo basically this is how i make up for never ever turning on the TV i just pick what i want off the net, stream and watch.

Okay back to watching Eulogy, toodles. =)

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