Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The One With BBQ-ed Fingers

Super-productive things Esther's done so far with her hols :

1. Watch 47883924 episodes of The Simpsons.

I think i'm an addict now. It's kinda scary cos i unconsciously start my day with The Simpsons when i'm having breakfast and when i go to bed, i leave The Simpsons on cos i'm scared i'd get nightmares and Homer's voice is very comforting. I get excited whenever an episode finishes loading. I've started memorising Ralph Wiggum's lines cos i like mimicking him.

Please tell me it's normal.

2. Rooster for Dinofly.

Din's got a majorrr exam this week (today actually) and i've been trying to be good by giving him wake-up calls to go study at like 3am cos he likes nerding at night and i think i've failed only once in doing so woohoo! And that was his fault cos he sleeps like a dead corpse and despite my calling his house phone and cellphone, he still remains asleep ala dead corpse. We have come up with an awesome solution which is to put his cellphone in his pants so that when i call it'd vibrate his thingie and -

- wait i don't think i've thought that one through yet..

3. Study.

Wait before you scowl at me and mutter 'nerd' scornfully under your breath, be happy to know that all i've done is one chapter of add math. And throughout the 4 days i tried finishing it, i was huh-ing the whole time and debated with myself whether or not to call Derrick cos Integration makes no bloody sense to me!

Sigh. But i shan't give up. I've 3 more days to try and study before we - leave - for -

- Genting!

And i was gonna go anyway just wasn't happy with the idea of bus-ing with the boys just that Karven made me feel all emobligated to go cos she was gonna switch with me to bus there and i go in Aunty Helen's car.

4. Finish painting white tee.

I thought i was done with it awhile ago but it got faded when i washed it so had to repaint it. It says 'nerd' in big, black bold letters.

5. Facebook-ing.

After leaving it for months to shrivel up and die, i started toying with it after IU Day and i'm hooked again. Friends For Sale'd probably get old like how Ah-Munna-Eat-Choo did but for now it's fun. Just wish Nick would quickly buy JAKE back cos i don't want anymore laupek nicknames.

6. Sleeping!

Ah the sheer bliss of being able to sleep till the afternoon and no responsibilities to make you feel guilty for it once you do get up. Yesterday was by far my best i started my day at 3pm and that was only cos Din called cos he hadn't heard from me the whole day. Thought he thought i was dead (he always assumes i commited suicide cos i'm so emo and stressed wth) but he didn't. Says it's too early to think that, only if i don't say anything by 8pm then yes - i might've committed suicide. Lol.

Okay back to either one of the 6 things listed above! Happy-remaining-5-days-of-hols everybody!


Happy 1-month-and-6-days Belated Anniversary, Butthead. =)

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