Friday, June 20, 2008

The One Where Hell Hath No Fury Like A JAKE Scorned

It's either the 3 mugs of caffeine i chug down everyday nowadays or the fact that ever since i've come to owning my very own Chunky that i get this RAWRRR surge whenever we JAKEs start on the topic of the people we're 'so very fond of'. Except Veena lah hers isn't counted since Singapore's a country. -.-


So here i am again, pretending to study in the wee hours of the morning in front of the biggest distraction i've ever come to known - my computer. I've an episode of Pushing Daisies waiting and i'm pretending that i'm gonna do a few add math questions before playing it but we all know after i finish this post i'm gonna pretend i can do add math and watch the episode at once so i'll end up watching it while holding a pencil with vectors smack infront of me but even if the A worm and B worms popped out and squeaked for me to solve them i probably wouldn't even notice cos the female lead looks like Zooey Deschanel and the pie maker is very cute. =D

Pointless Meme To Further Stall Having To Begin Nerding :

Top 5 Ways To Die (because we're all gonna be fried in 4 years) :

1. Die sleeping.
2. Die drinking tea and gobbling blueberry muffins.
3. Die watching Veronica Mars/Samantha Who/ANTM.
4. Die playing dress-up and pretend-runway.
5. Die in proximity close enough to the person i'm 'most fond of' for him/her to be blamed for my death huhu.

Top 5 Smells :

1. Butthead's cologne.
2. DKNY's Be Delicious.
3. Famous Amos cookies.
4. Money! (huhu i know Jitty agrees)
5. Fresh laundry.

Top 5 Foods You're Never Gonna Get Sick Of :

1. TEA.
2. Salmon.
3. Muffins.
4. Mussels.
5. Erm..

Top 5 Necessities :

1. TEA.
2. Shorts.
3. Phone.
4. Computer.
5. Three showers a day.

Top 5 Things On Your Mind Right Now :

1. 'Homg the tanktops Karven got for us is magnifico!'
2. 'Homg i've too much white, black and grays in my wardrobe.'
3. 'Today my died. Dog.'
4. Breakfast.
5. Ikrar on Monday T.T

Top Fridays! :

I can't say top five since i've pictures of only so few of them.

Here's the Friday where we had Japanese and watched I can't remember what at The Gardens. After dinner we went to Borders to pass time and Karven ran off and came back with a bunch of the Little Miss & Mr. Men books for each of us and Wonk's was Mr. Fussy. And while everyone else read something from the YA section i naturally went to the kids' section and came back with an illustrated Greek mythology book.

And here's the friday where we went to get Butthead's oven. I had the cheek to bring it into the theatres and i even tried bringing it to my seat but it couldn't fit so i had to excuse-me-sorry-excuse-me my way back out and i asked this Japanese man at the end of the aisle if he could jaga it for me he nodded vigorously and got up and i was like, 'No no! I said can you take care of this for me?' and then he understood that i wasn't threatening him with a box double my size for his seat. Going home was horrid we had to run down carrying the humongous box. With Veena on my left and Elle on my right i looked like a pregnant woman going into labor with a child that's gonna be the size of a truck.

This is the friday we went for Nick's dad's surprise birthday at La Gourmet and the food was amazing the salmon slices were the size of my palm! Felt like i died and went to heaven T.T on the way home i concluded that Nick's parents are still very much in love cos whenever he said something they didn't reply him and they'd be happily talking to each other lol. It could also be that he was all the way at the back of Unser la but the former sounds better. =P

Okay gonna go pulverize them add math monsters now. Toodles.

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