Friday, May 09, 2008

The One With The Black, White & Gold : Missingitis

Today Li Xuan came up to me with the details of Sri Aminuddin's IU Day which she'd mention a few days before. Automatically i started thinking of promoting the event out of courtesy as usual so my brain buzzed, do they have a poster? If so, can they email it so we can print it then paste it up? If not, i'll need Khalis or Kathleen to come up with one.

Then i skimmed down to the date - 14th June 2008. I didn't realise at first but i did eventually.

'Oh i won't be around anymore. You pass it to Yen Yen.'

Two more weeks and it'd be officially a whole year. Well actually sooner than that since IU Day was on the 19th last year. I remember repeating the same line to Butthead the whole day after it ended - 'I'm so happy.' It was like a different kind of happy. And it overwhelmed me with giddyness for weeks - till all the hard stuff came along. But despite the numerous times i felt like my head was gonna explode, the countless times i lost control of what i say, the even more countless times i babble on and on and try to hide that i forgot my point (Yen Yen and Cheng Mun got this the most i dunno why i get extra-grandmother-long-winded around them) - it was aaaalllll worth it and i experienced alot more than i'd expected to. =)


Things I'm Gonna Miss 'Bout Being President :

Board Meetings

By far, this is the funnest part. Our very first meeting (where i was practically frozen to the ground) to this Thursday's meeting - the vast difference of how quiet we used to be and now i have to scream and scream to be heard. -.-" Board meetings are like stand-up comedy to me seriously i should record all of you and let you hear how funny you all sound lol.

Being Lond-Winded

Honestly, i should give all the boardmembers awards for how long they can stare at me and give me their full attention when sometimes i drift off so so far away and they're still listening like everything i'm saying makes sense lol. But Cheng Mun guarantee cannot lah he always looks away whenever i get grandmotherish and he never laughs at my jokes.

Making Moneyy

From being close to bankruptcy (thanks to a few rotten apples and their tremendous lack of competency) to being um - not that close to it anymore, is like the-greatest-feeling-in-the-world. I absolutely love it when Karven reports how much we made from our finance projects. Especially our Valentine's/CNY sale which was double last year's. It's like hearing the news and they're reporting that the world isn't coming to an end after all and that poverty is wiped out and someone found the cure to cancer and watching Simpsons is good for the brain.

Overcoming Difficulties

I'm probably the most pessimistic person in the world. Whenever a problem pops up, i imagine the very worst that could happen then i overreact then eventually i'd spread this shit-we're-doomed vibe so everyone around would also turn pessimistic. But in this one year, being in this board erased half my pessimism. When things went wrong with the shirts and ties but Peter didn't putus asa and finished it all, when Pn. Ti left but we got Pn. Ampigai, when two of our boardmembers left but eventually everything fell into place, when someone interrupts our projects but we don't let them - these are all the times that made me think that pretty much anything is possible, it's just how bad we want it and to what extent we'd go to get what we want.


T.T i'm gonna miss this alot eventhough i'm quite anti-social whenever i'm at anything Interact. When we went in 2006, that's when i really saw just how far Interact can stretch to and how privileged we are to be sponsored to experience all of it.

Phonecalls To Rotarians

It's just Rtr. Mahesh actually but as nervous i am to call him everytime i have to, i'm gonna miss it. It's so rare to find an adult who's not a teacher who treats you like an equal and really listens to what you have to say. I always feel so overwhelmed cos he'd treat us so well and he's protective of us too. I'm gonna miss the funny way he ends his calls, he'd say bye like 5 times so i'll be like, ' bye..byebye'.


But it's the boardmembers i'm gonna miss the most. =)

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