Thursday, April 24, 2008

The One With Reverse Insomnia

Esther is : cautious.

About 2 weeks ago, i tried drawing out a timetable for myself since i realised i've half-unknowingly dug out a deep hole of 9G's for myself with my waay too comfy routine. So la dee dah - i did my first draft according to how i usually spend my tuition days but with studying added in.

(starting from after school)
2.30 pm : shower; shape hair (i actually need to 'mould' my mane otherwise it'd look like a bouffant gone wrong).
3.00 pm : lunch; shrink brain (tv).
3.30 pm : nap.
4.00 pm : nap.
4.30 pm : STUDY!
5.00 pm : STUDY!
5.30 pm : STUDY!
6.00 pm : STUDY!
6.30 pm : get ready for tuition.
7.00 pm : shrink brain.
7.30 pm : Derrick's.
10.00 pm : shower; dinner.
10.30 pm : shrink brain.
11.00 pm : STUDY!
11.30 pm : STUDY!
12.00 am : STUDY!
12.30 am : get ready for bed
1.00 am : sleep.
4.30 am : >>>>>>>>>> *bleep bleep bleep!*

- then it hit me that i've been sleeping for about 4 and a half hours a day for like...a month. After the March holidays anyway. I just loved being awake at night that i sleep late and wake up early for it despite having to be awake for daytime too.

My reaction was like 'HO SHIT!' cos i kinda know the lack of sleep's been affecting me in more ways than just falling asleep in class. I got more allergic reactions (okay fine it's that same person but it went on for alot longer and worse), i forgot more stuff (first time i forgot a monthaversary) and i um got upset more often than usual (*bleep bleep!*).

So anyway i started sleeping earlier and waking up later and it helped the first week. I remembered stuff like, 'remind ________ for thisthat' and 'ask Mom to buy muffins' more; i woke up on my own and got ready for church; i got less sidetracked when i'm being long-winded.

Yea the first week was good. Now i just sleep too much.


I'm finally burned out. I can't wait till for that time of the year when we're allowed to hermit for months till SPM arrives. Though i think i might've heard teacher say something like 'no such thing as study leave' which is too much okay why do all the shit only happen during our year - no Prefects' Camp (why 3rd May whyy! T.T T.T), easily-brainwashed guru pengiring for scouts camp, Pn. Ti leaving, psychopatic English teacher ('Esther, your first paragraph sends a message promoting smoking.' - WTF!), chronic nose-pickers, etc. Yeesh. I'd probably regret wishing that it'll end quick but right now it just seems so blissful thinking 'bout how things'd be.

Okay gonna go back to shrinking my brain. Bubye. =)

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