Saturday, March 08, 2008

The One With Emotional Springcleaning

Mr. Men and Little Miss Survey :

1. When you were little, what did everyone call you?
Be it a shortened version of your name or a pet name.
Um girl girl? Yee sounds so stupid now.

2. When you were little, what part of the day did you look forward to the most?
Be it mealtime or even *gasp* - bathtime!
I'd say playtime which was like in the evening. I used to ride my bike for hours and press people's doorbell then ride away fastfast huhuhu.

3. When you were little, what was your favourite cartoon?
Dare we say the Mr. Men & Little Miss show?
Nope mine was Garfield. It wasn't like all the other kiddy shows around where everything was fairytales and princesses and ponies. Garfield had sarcasm.

4. When you were little, who was your role model?
It could be Mum or Dad or even someone you saw on the telly.
I'd say my grandmother. She used to talk 'bout how things were during the war and i remember i was so impressed when she told me she had to wake up at 4 every morning, walk to the market, buy groceries, come back, get her 4 younger siblings dressed (she had to braid her two sisters' hair too) and fed for school, then walk to school. *Sniff* the horror of labor.

5. When you were little, what was your very first achievement that you recall?
Be it learning to ride a bike or the alphabet.
Oh i know this one learning how to use chopsticks! I still remember a small part of it when it happened i know whoever that was around was smiling alot and i was like, 'what..?' in my head then i just covered my face with the bowl and drank whatever that was in it cos i was shy huhuhu. I wasn't even potty-trained yet i know cos i've a picture of it and i was still wearing Pampers.

6. When you were little, what was your favourite food?
Ah what made your tummy grumble with glee when you know it's on the menu.
Um whoa. Okay firstly, i was a fat kid so this is not easy. I'd say that yellow turmeric chicken that i haven't had in years. Second'd probably be pizza. Third KitKat. I'm judging by how long i'd take to eat it usually if it's something i don't really like i'd inhale it down but if it's something i really like, i'd take like an hour to finish it. I used to like all sorts of weird stuff like...raw tomato with sugar. And broccoli. And Kickapoo. Um yeah. *eyes dart left & right*

7. When you were little, were you naughty or perfect?
Be honest now.
I used to think i was okay till i started going to church and i turned out to be a monster cos all the adults complained about me T.T i used to fight every week with Justin and we'd both cry like crazy and one Sunday we didn't even start fighting yet all he did was roll on the floor, flick the skirt of my dress up and everyone saw my panties then i just cried.

8. Now, which Mr. Men or Little Miss do you think you resemble most and why?

Little Miss Giggles. Um - because i don't guffaw, i giggle? =S


I tag :
Jit Siang
Kar Heng
Nick (somehow - i wanna hear more stowies from the horndog!)

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