Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One With OverYouTubing

I realise i haven't been very Esther lately. Well at least not at home. I've been watching The Nanny and Charlie Brown and The 10th Kingdom on Youtube for the past few weeks till the wee hours in the morning while simultaneously chugging out mini paperbags.

Basically, 've been just wasting my SPM year away and doesn't interest anyone so shall let the visual aid do the talking :

VI Treasure Hunt! During the first out of many monorail rides.

Yen Yen's group got number oneeee =D

Us DP interactors and Nick.

Last minute shopping trip at 1U with Veena -

- and Karven. =)

*Snapsnap* session at Jun's.

Smile - pout - smile - spit.


Fugly-shirt hunting, FOS.

Attempt to homo-fy Dear Bastard over the edge.

Now back to more YouTube. G'night.

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