Saturday, January 19, 2008

The One With No Clubbing For The Dino(saur)

Am currently running away from (argh) homework with a meme on movies. So :

What's your favorite holiday movie(s)?
Nightmare Before Christmas, It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.

What's your favorite animated movie(s)?
Shrek, The Incredibles, The Simpsons..

What was your favorite childhood movie(s)?
Okay toughie - Brady Bunch, Beauty & The Beast, Hairspray, Double, Double, Toil And Trouble, Parent Trap, The Toothfairy, Casper, Batman Forever, Grease, Toy Story, The Lion King, 101 Dalmations, To Sir With Love, Benji, Babe, The Tenth Kingdom, Back To The Future, The Neverending Story, Beethoven..

What's your favorite scary movie(s)?
Um - none.

What's your favorite drama(s)?
Does Mean Girls count?

What's your favorite action movie(s)?
Lord Of The Rings, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen..erm.

What's your favourite romance movie(s)?
Never Been Kissed. =)

What's your favorite comedy(s)?
Never Been Kissed, Shrek, Night At The Museum, Legally Blonde, Zoolander, John Tucker Must Die.

Should babies and children be banned from movie theaters?
Wth no!


I used to powder the floor and do the twist to the 1988 Hairspray. My fetish for books after i'd laid eyes on that gargantuan library in Beauty & The Beast. I could belt out 'Keep On' every time the last scene on The Brady Bunch came eventhough my lyrics were wrong (and i only found out 4 years later when i was 10 -.-). I could never find The Toothfairy on videotape so every year i'd wait for that one time it airs on TV during the school holidays. I'd get very emo after watching To Sir With Love everytime but that didn't stop me from re-renting it. Double, Double, Toil And Trouble was my idea of a horror movie back then (hence the chicken i am today). I got terrified of piercing my ears when i'd watch how the twins did it in Parent Trap. The Lion King was my kiddy version of The Notebook i cried every time i watched the part where the daddy lion dies. Mom got worried when i kept replaying Grease and singing to every song (especially Greased Lightnin') cos it had hickies and condoms in it.

- how i spent my time during the years when i was supposed to be in kindy.

Okay enough of film flashbacks going to execute all guilt caused by running away from homework for the past 13 hours since i woke up. G'night. =)

'There's Something About Mary.'

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