Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The One Where I'm *Gasp* Doing Homework

No idea why i do stuff like this to myself. But i guess it's just in me i feel better being up when nobody else is. Yesterday was eventful. I'm getting tired. But the leftover missingitis is cleared. Can't wait for CNY gonna get to stock up the bookshelves again and stuff myself silly with white milk tea.

It's weird but Ipoh makes me think of Penang. Penang makes me think of Jemma. She's so old now she can talk and walk and i still remember the times when she barely had hair and wouldn't stop sticking her finger into sockets.

Besides the fascination with sockets, she was the best kid i'd ever come across. She doesn't do the whole shriek-till-i-get-my-way bit. And she smiles for no reason. But that was back when she barely had hair. Now the girl's got a little bit of emo in her. Charis and i taught her how to say 'ladybird'. Actually it doesn't count since all she could say was 'bird' which sounded like 'bud' but we were kids ourselves so naturally we just kept repeating 'ladybird' and all she'd reply was 'bud' and we'd smile all excitedly as if we taught her German.

Okay gonna try forcing myself to sleep. Hate weekdays. School in 4 hours. Ugh.

'Jemma Sophiee.'

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