Saturday, August 25, 2007

The One With Yellow Paint Instead Of Cupcakes & Screaming Tots

On the 18th of August, we got down to finishing one community service project. The worrywart reared its ugly head throughout that week especially since us form4s have no access to school so we relied totally on our form3s and it turned out ay-okay. They're a speedy, smartass bunch and it makes me oh-so-smiley. =)

The ones who made it happen - Veena (Comm. Serv. Director) & Cheng Mun (Asst. Comm. Serv. Director)

Us laughing at Godknowswhat. (haha Ling Yean!)

Veena presents - TheVice!

The IU Director who was late because she had to eat. Haih. *shakes head*

The Asst. Club Serv. Director who smiles too much and is morphing into Tomas more & more everyday.


Neinna. Joycee. Karven. Jun-Elle. =)

The Finance Director who has super shiny hair now and cannot say she's yellow color anymore.

Kathleen (Publicity Director); Sean (Club Service Director); Yen Yen (Asst. Treasurer).


Haha TheVice!

Group photo! (Before everything was even finished lol)



'Our Father who art in Heaven, please please let there be a flood a.s.a.p. Or better yet - another tsunami. Amen.'

No - i do not think it is selfish of me.

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